Introducing a new member:


I was going to wait to post this, but I thought that if my fears were confirmed it wouldn’t matter. Anyway:


Four days ago, this little girl made it into my life (8 weeks old). A German Shepherd has always been my dream dog. My father would never let me have one because the very same breed bit him when he was like 12, traumatizing him for life. However, due to certain circumstances he was finally convinced that its time for me to have a guard dog. 

I was still looking when I found this girl in the most godforsaken place. I couldn’t just leave her (and I know that some people out there my frown upon my decision, but I don’t care) I doubt she’s a 100% or even 50% pure German Shepherd, but I still don’t care. I Don’t know who her parents are, and I doubt that she had any medical attention before I got her. I wen to the vet to give her her vaccinations, and a check up provided that she was a healthy puppy.


The encounter with Pongo was… interesting. I had mentioned before that he has no interest in other animals what so ever, so at first he was just like “No, not gonna happen”. But to my surprise, he adjusted quite well rapidly.


The first day was the roughest. She was sleeping like the dead and she would not respond to ANYTHING. I thought for sure that she was dying, but thank God she just had a serious case of gas (because of whatever the idiots who had her before were feeding her). after that she transformed into the most joyful bundle of happiness.

Before I start this next part, I want everyone to know that I’m not planning on breeding Bagheera (and even if I do which is highly unlikely, the puppies are MINE) or enrolling her in those bizarre dog show/pageant things. Now what’s really making my heart stop is all the horror stories of genetic diseases, interbreeding complications, etc. Especially this one terrifying documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed that got my heart racing, and stoping. All these diseases could just be waiting to explode anytime. I don’t know ANYTHING about this dog, and this lack of knowledge regarding her background is what’s really daunting.


At the moment, she seems fine (at the moment) and I’m just overreacting. She has a terrifying appetite and infinite energy (AND I ALREADY HOUSE TRAINED HER, as opposed to Pongo who till this day refuses to go about his business outside). I’ll just take it one day at a time, and enjoy this perfect puppy.


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