An unexpected visitor


My mother’s friend came over today with her dog Tiffany (a German Shepherd/lab mix). The encounter was… interesting.Image

Pongo, who only like a handful of people as well as Bagheera (no other animal) went into a fit of RAGE!! Barking, growling, other noises that I’m not quite sure which category they fall into. I’ve seen him act up because of territorial issues before, but never like this. He lashed out at Tiffany and would not let her come within 20 feet of me or Bagheera. To be honest, i was very proud of him, because everyone would always say how he was “a wimpy dog” and what not… well not anymore. but eventually we had to lock him outside cause he was seriously going crazy.


(sorry Pongo)

Bagheera on the other hand was terrified at first. Apparently Tiffany has no grasp or comprehension of how big she is in comparison with little Bagheera… so the playing was a bit violent. 



10 minutes later Bagheera showed her aggressive side (not that that affected tiffany in any way, who is oblivious to dog calming signals). 

ImageI couldn’t really take decent videos cause I was running around trying to keep three dogs from killing each other… now that Tiffany’s gone, both my dogs collapsed into a deep sleep.

a very chaotic day.Image


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