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Bagheera’s first car ride



Next time we need to go somewhere we’re walking.

To rewind to the beginning: I had to go stay over at a relative’s house and there was no way I was going to leave pongo and Bagheera begins. So I packed our stuff and we jumped into the car. Pongo was his usual self, hating/liking the ride like the weird teenage dog he is. But Bagheera… Ugh. It started with massive liters of watery saliva. “Normal I thought”. Thirty minutes later vomit everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! My mother stopped the car at a gas station and made me clean it.

Well, after a dozen towels, plenty of soap and water, the car was clean-ish and byte time we reached our destination Bagheera looked like a corpse (and pongo kept giving me that veil smirk of his). He recovered quickly though, as soon as she saw the plate of meat set on the table.






I LOVE going on walks with Bagheera. It just hasn’t hit me yet that she actually follows ME around and that I don’t need to tie her up like Pongo. And she actually listens and obeys!! I mean Pongo is an angel an everything at home… But when we step out of the door… Well I’ll leave that to the terrors of your imagination.


Also, this doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, but I’ll put it down anyway before I forget. Bagheera likes no one but me. I mean with Pongo he’s just like “your always around so I don’t care anymore”. But Bagheera is suffocating me with LOVE. Is this always the case with German shepherds? Do they smother you with love and attack others out of sheet jealousness? It’s definitely like that with this little girl.

Polar opposites



It’s kind of fun (and tiring) having dogs that are polar opposites:

Pongo: calm and sensible
Bagheera: crazy and restless
Pongo: extremely picky eater
Bagheera: would eat a block of wood if it comes down to it.
Pongo: hates water
Bagheera: sleeps in the tub.
Pongo: quiet
Bagheera: loud is an understatement.

The list goes on, but interesting things happen everyday because of those two…

Big news.



Okay, long long story, so bear with me.

Price ( a mutt as the majority of people would call her) gave birth to her litter three days ago. Surprisingly the litter only consisted of 2 when she usually pops out 8 pups. Anyway, she chose the worst spot for the pups: under a car. And when u discovered her, the car taker was watering the car and therefore her and the pups were soaked. After a long argument I took her and the puppy (unfortunately the other one died) and I travelled to the ends of the earth to find her a decent spot where no one would find her.

After having done that, I stuffed her with food and provided water, and went home.

Now today, when I came home I found Price under my mothers car… With 6 more puppies!!!!???

I told you this was a long story. Well, it turns out that Luna (Price’s daughter from last year’s litter) also dug herself a hole under the car and gave birth there. She was in labor for like 7 hours. This is Luna’s first litter, so hopefully she’ll get a grasp on being a mother.

So yeah, now I have two mothers and 10 puppies under my mothers car. I made it clear to her that she’s not aloud to move the car for another 3 months.

Ancient Pyramid in Peru


An ancient pyramid (at least 4 thousand tears old) in Peru collapsed due to the incompetence of two real estate companies.

A few things really get on my nerves (simply because I ignore everything else), but this is… Hard to ignore. It gets to me when foolish coprolites (there is no other word to describe these humans) destroy historical artifacts.

Of course all is done in the name of money.