Five minute walk


Pongo and I made it a habit to go on short walks early in the morning just because we (I’m sure he likes it too because he wakes me up for it) like seeing the sunrise and the fact that the streets are empty. Anyway, I decided to take Bagheera along with us (she’s vaccinated and everything).


I’ve never owned a dog or know a dog personally who could be let off a leash (even as tiny puppies) so I was ELATED when this little girl actually FOLLOWED me around and refrained from chasing after a squirrel or something!! I really hope this goes on and is just not an “anxious puppy “phase.


Also, does anyone notice how she sits like a frog? It honestly worries me because I know it could be hip problems. I really hope she’s just being lazy because I’ve seen her sit properly before when I tell her to “sit” or when she just does it for food.

I’ll take her for X-rays soon, but so far she’s not showing any signs of pain (when do dogs ever show signs of pain, they’re always sucking it up!!)


Oh! I almost forgot. I had to give Pongo a bath when I got back? Why? Because his highness jumped in a puddle of Urine!!! I don’t know if it really was urine, but it smelled like a thousand rotting corpses in a bottomless pitt, and therefore he also smelt like a thousand rotting corpses in a bottomless pitt.

so yeah, just an update on my morning.


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