Big news.



Okay, long long story, so bear with me.

Price ( a mutt as the majority of people would call her) gave birth to her litter three days ago. Surprisingly the litter only consisted of 2 when she usually pops out 8 pups. Anyway, she chose the worst spot for the pups: under a car. And when u discovered her, the car taker was watering the car and therefore her and the pups were soaked. After a long argument I took her and the puppy (unfortunately the other one died) and I travelled to the ends of the earth to find her a decent spot where no one would find her.

After having done that, I stuffed her with food and provided water, and went home.

Now today, when I came home I found Price under my mothers car… With 6 more puppies!!!!???

I told you this was a long story. Well, it turns out that Luna (Price’s daughter from last year’s litter) also dug herself a hole under the car and gave birth there. She was in labor for like 7 hours. This is Luna’s first litter, so hopefully she’ll get a grasp on being a mother.

So yeah, now I have two mothers and 10 puppies under my mothers car. I made it clear to her that she’s not aloud to move the car for another 3 months.


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