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Rough week


20130828-124924 PM.jpg

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while, but Pongo had a very rough time lately. He wasn’t himself about a week ago. He just slept 24/7. He also would whine randomly, like the “I’m in pain” kind of whine. The initially thought that he must have twisted something but I couldn’t figure which part of his anatomy exactly cause once he’d whine when I tougher his leg and the next time he’d whine when I touched his neck. The first couple of vets (terrible) only said that I was overreacting and that he was fine. I should just give him some pills to improve his appetite.

Well, I finally took him to a real vet…
It wasn’t good.

Apparently Pongo had seriously bad constipation, as in he had rocks in his stomach. This caused he’s temperature to rise 4 DEGREES!!!! And the vet said if we had waited any longer he would have gotten poising.

That night he took a total of six shots, two in his thigh (which hurt) and the other three… Where the sun don’t shine (which hurt even more). “Hurt” is an understatement… He was in excruciating pain. So much that he couldn’t even bite the vet (and he bites everyone). All he could do was sick his claws deeper into the straight jacket aka MY ARMS. And the screeching… I think I’m going to have nightmares about his screams for the next few years.

Anyway, after much mor struggle, screaming and sharp needles, he immediately got pooped liquid ( well to be honest it sort of exploded out of him when we were done). And instantly he got much much much better!!!

He’s already himself… Cheerful, running all over the place, and bullying Bagheera. The only thing left of his medication is antibiotic, just incase the rock stools he had in his stomach cut him up or something. And It’ll be a cold day in Hell the day Pongo takes his medicine willingly. I have to sit on him, and even then I can only force mini licks into him before he squirms away.

Thank God he’s better though.


17 days left till school..


In 17 days I’ll start 12th grade. 12TH GRADE!! That’t like the border line between school and university. I’m not excited, I’m terrified! I’m not ready for my final year of high school, let alone university! 

Imagethis is what it’s like getting up for school…

Imagewhat it’s like getting dressed for school…


Not looking forward to 12th grade at all…

Howler’s gone


I can’t find her anywhere. The puppies are in that disgusting age where they actually move… Sometimes I find them a couple of blocks down my street.

The good news is (well there can’t be good news after this) is that my mothers aunt is staying over for a while and she loves dogs more than her own children, so she ordered everyone in the house to let the puppies in.

So yeah, now I have Pongo, Bagheera, and four puppies in my back sandpit (it used to be a garden but thanks to the dogs it was reduced to sand).



Bagheera is amazing. She is officially the universal doggie mother. Pongo is just weird. I feel like I’m part of a dog pack now, with Pongo as the alpha male (I failed miserably trying to take the alpha position away from him).

I’ll keep looking for Howler. I blame Luna for losing her. As usual I’ll update if anything happens.

Names to Faces


I know everyone says that names lead to attachment. Why don’t I want to get attached? Well, because sooner or later my smuggling of these little guys ( and their mothers) will be discovered and then the dogs will get kicked out THERE and then who knows what will happen.

Still, I couldn’t resist naming them


Monroe: price’s only puppy and the oldest if the entire litter. Considering changing her name into rip jaw because her teeth are weapons of torture.


Dipstick: the runt of Luna’s litter. He’s just one of those dogs whose spirit is bigger than their body.


Ponyo: she likes to eat sand… A trend I’m starting to notice in dogs


Fidget: he’s the aloof one. Always sitting by himself and abandoning others to do his own thing (or maybe the other are the ones doing the abandoning)


Howler: honestly, and I hate do discriminate, she’s my favorite! Just look at that face! If only she would make so much noise…


So yeah. These little guys are doing great (for now). I took Pongo and Bagheera out to meet them today. Well of course Bagheera was the sweet cheerful girl that her character dictates she must be. It was like they were her own puppies.

Pongo… Well, he was just like “what are these? Gremlins?”

80 percent of my life at the moment is officially dog.