Howler’s gone


I can’t find her anywhere. The puppies are in that disgusting age where they actually move… Sometimes I find them a couple of blocks down my street.

The good news is (well there can’t be good news after this) is that my mothers aunt is staying over for a while and she loves dogs more than her own children, so she ordered everyone in the house to let the puppies in.

So yeah, now I have Pongo, Bagheera, and four puppies in my back sandpit (it used to be a garden but thanks to the dogs it was reduced to sand).



Bagheera is amazing. She is officially the universal doggie mother. Pongo is just weird. I feel like I’m part of a dog pack now, with Pongo as the alpha male (I failed miserably trying to take the alpha position away from him).

I’ll keep looking for Howler. I blame Luna for losing her. As usual I’ll update if anything happens.


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