I was sitting with my family, watching the congress discuss the ruling on Syria and of course listening to various conspiracy theories, most of which are probably exaggerated, but who knows… Now I’m not here to talk about WWIII or anything like that. I just wanted to state the obvious: the universal truth is that what is happening in Syria is a tragedy, and this tragedy could be augmented if (when) retaliation occurs.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on this blog: I’m from Egypt, and I am currently in Egypt, so I am no stranger to conflict. It’s a DISGUSTING SICKENING feeling to know that people are killing each other. People may think that I’m just typing away behind the screen oblivious of the pain, but I have lived the pain (as corny as that sounds). And the situation in Syria is directly affecting ME! My country is right in the middle of everything, and I’m not just talking geographically. Let me just explain the horror stories I’m hearing here in Egypt: “they’re trying to destroy the arab nations and we’re the only one left”, “Our military is the only one left standing”, “they want to create a civil war.”… I just don’t know, and I am not being very optimistic.

But all this doesn’t matter because compared to Syria, what’s happening in Egypt is child’s play. 

People ask who’s right? Which side should they join? the truth is that everyone is wrong and that people are dying! Syrians are killing Syrians and now the U.S will most probably join in the blood bath… Why?

If only someone could shed some light and explain to me how the bombing of Syria is going to help? The reality is that either way, syria is sort of doomed at the moment. If the U.S does not intervene, Syria is still doomed, and if the U.S does intervene… well, its doomsday, doom overload! It is as if everyone has suddenly forgotten about what happened in Iraq. WHY REPEAT?? Where is Obama coming from?! Is he even in control or is there some sort of puppet master standing behind the curtain?

What the U.S wants to do seems more like an invasion than a rescue. Innocent people are going to die, and that includes membered of the U.S army! Why should American soldiers  do the dirty work and go back to their homes in their coffins?

If there was going to be some sort of aid from the U.S to change the oppressing regime the intervention should have happened a long time ago, but now Syria knows about the plans and they have taken precautions. I mean it’s not like the Syrian army is just waiting for a bomb to fall out of the sky. They have lost the element of surprise, as some people put it… so basically their plan sucks (for lack of a better word).

A lot of people have been going anti-American, refusing any source of relations with the U.S (or any of the allies), but I’m against that. I’m all for America helping, but the aid does not have to come in the form of a bomb.

People are dying, and more are going to die, and all for what? writing this post will not do anything to help and the issue will probably go on for years, but that was just my random rant (cause anyone who reads this blog is used to posts about my dogs)


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