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Long time no post


That’s only because I’ve been trapped neck deep in 12th grader hell.

Time to vent about my life this past to weeks.

First if all, the TOEFL test. I seriously just need to get this off my chest. So besides the fact that a humans attention span at its best is 20 minutes and the test is 5 hours long, I ALMOST WENT BLIND!!! 5 HOURS IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER SCREEN!!

(My crumbling test center, literary just a small room stacked with computers)

The thing is the test is just checking u can survive taking notes in university, so all the questions were just like “summarize this, summarize that” which SUCKED cause the questions had soooo much potential for personal opinion.

And the speaking section was chaotic. Just imagine trying to talk into a microphone with 20 other human sounds in the background… Tough.

So I’m sill waiting for my grades (probably failed)

Now as for school, besides doing absolutely nothing, I joined the athletic team. That basically means I’m part of the basketball team, the volleyball team, the football team (soccer?) and track and field. It sucks cause I’m only in it for basketball… So I’ll probably be dead by the end of the year. Now here’s the really bad part (in my eyes)

I got a new basketball… (big deal cause I get paid like a penny a year by western equivelants)


I take my sweet puppies outside so we can have a good time and shoot some hoops (which I don’t have). Pongo goes off chasing a ferret or something and I’m left with Bagheera.

It’s cool and everything and we’re playing

Still cool.

And then this starts to happen…


And of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that eventually that ^ would lead to this:

And she walks away like its none of her business


So yeah that’s my life so far.

On aside note any ideas for Halloween? Il probably just wear a super man shirt like the boring 12th grader I am.





Because of her.

Do you guys remember the “twilight bark” scene from 101 Dalmatians (if you haven’t watched that cartoon you have not lived). Well Bagheera has turned that piece of fiction into my REALITY.

Every night she takes it upon herself, for some reason unknown to man, to communicate with ALL the dogs in the neighborhood. ALL OF THEM. And before you know it you have an army of howling wolves. And this doesn’t got on for a few minutes then it’s over. It goes on for hours and hours, non stop. Then when things start to settle down (6:00 am) it’s time for me to get up for school.

And so everyday I go to school looking like something chewed me up then spit me out, and I get a dozen lectures from my teachers regarding “unacceptable late night partying”. If I were a light sleeper I’d probably fall asleep in class (teacher’s voice keeps me awake despite the boring lecture)

So yea. This has been going on for about a week and I am a few sleepless nights away from taping Bagheera’s mouth shut. I’ve tried everything else. I brought her inside, I fed her and gave her water, I even took her on a VERY late night walk. Nothing. She still barks and barks and barks.

So hopefully this will end soon because it’ll probably be an angry neighbor who spills hot boiling water on her first.

Still a 12th grader…


So sorry it has been quiet around here for like three weeks, but thats what a 12th grader’s blog looks like (or one that’t trying to get into university anyway). I have been busy with my studies, and I’m doing well. The only agony comes from the stress of applying and hopefully getting accepted into any college. I hate this application business. I’d rather get married, have 9 kids, and stay at home (not really).



I hardly have enough time to feed these two 😦


Hopefully I’ll have more time to post but now I have to go (to study of course cause that’s how lifeless I am right now)