Because of her.

Do you guys remember the “twilight bark” scene from 101 Dalmatians (if you haven’t watched that cartoon you have not lived). Well Bagheera has turned that piece of fiction into my REALITY.

Every night she takes it upon herself, for some reason unknown to man, to communicate with ALL the dogs in the neighborhood. ALL OF THEM. And before you know it you have an army of howling wolves. And this doesn’t got on for a few minutes then it’s over. It goes on for hours and hours, non stop. Then when things start to settle down (6:00 am) it’s time for me to get up for school.

And so everyday I go to school looking like something chewed me up then spit me out, and I get a dozen lectures from my teachers regarding “unacceptable late night partying”. If I were a light sleeper I’d probably fall asleep in class (teacher’s voice keeps me awake despite the boring lecture)

So yea. This has been going on for about a week and I am a few sleepless nights away from taping Bagheera’s mouth shut. I’ve tried everything else. I brought her inside, I fed her and gave her water, I even took her on a VERY late night walk. Nothing. She still barks and barks and barks.

So hopefully this will end soon because it’ll probably be an angry neighbor who spills hot boiling water on her first.


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