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Still a 12th grader…


So sorry it has been quiet around here for like three weeks, but thats what a 12th grader’s blog looks like (or one that’t trying to get into university anyway). I have been busy with my studies, and I’m doing well. The only agony comes from the stress of applying and hopefully getting accepted into any college. I hate this application business. I’d rather get married, have 9 kids, and stay at home (not really).



I hardly have enough time to feed these two 😦


Hopefully I’ll have more time to post but now I have to go (to study of course cause that’s how lifeless I am right now)

First day of school


So it’s 4 in the morning (of course this is usually the time insomnia comes for a visit) and in a few hours I will be on my way to school… My last first day of school ever.

Kind of nervous cause I know that university is seriously just around the corner. I hope I’m able to enjoy this year regardless of the university horror stories I hear all the time.

So yeah, just a quick update on my life.

17 days left till school..


In 17 days I’ll start 12th grade. 12TH GRADE!! That’t like the border line between school and university. I’m not excited, I’m terrified! I’m not ready for my final year of high school, let alone university! 

Imagethis is what it’s like getting up for school…

Imagewhat it’s like getting dressed for school…


Not looking forward to 12th grade at all…

I have a huge problem…


there’s this boy in my school (this isn’t what you think, he’s like 9 years old), and he’s having issues with bullies, or at least one in particular that I’m aware of. I’m friends with this kid and he’s always happy and upbeat, but today I saw him and he was CRYING (which broke my heart). He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, but I automatically knew that it was this other kid he was having trouble with. 

I have no idea what to do (and maybe its not really any of my business). The thing is, the bully is also a 9 year old, so how do I deal with that. If he were my age I would just go and beat him up (not really). And the teachers are the least help in this “educational facility”.

And i don’t understand why he doesn’t stand up for himself, because if he wanted to he could beat up anyone (he has major muscles that should not belong to a 9 year old).

again, it breaks my heart to see him like this, so what can I do to help?????