Monthly Archives: June 2013

Teenage dog



I can no longer call him a puppy… *tear drop*

7 months old, so that means he officially reached the teenage doggie years. Great.

Now with puberty app the male dogs I know can’t stand the sight of him. It’s just all the more reason for them to wanna tear him to shreds.


RIP MacBook



Busted… So I’ll have 2 rely on my phone pretty much as my technological utility.

Prongo’s sad too cause now he can’t watch Pokemon.

Sorry pal.

Staying in Bed


Do you get those days when you just want to sleep in?


So far my summer has been so easy going. When I’m not camping or working (90 % of my life), I’m just lying in bed… playing Sims Freeplay (don’t judge me). Pongo and Bagheera always feel like staying in bed, except when it’s time to eat.


and of course, why sleep on the matt I made you (which took me like a year) when you can sleep two inches away on the cold floor.


or on MY fluffy bed.

can’t say no to these two… my weakness. 

The Prince and The Pauper



I feel like I’m constantly re observing the story live with these to (of course Pongo being the Prince, and Bagheera being the pauper). I guess if Pongo were a human his supercilious attitude would have earned him a punch in the face, but as a dog, he’s the sweetest pompous stuck up creature ever!!! And Bagheera, well she’s my modest little angel.


At least they’re getting along…